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(I)    To manage and superintend the affairs of the society and act in the name on behalf of the society.
(II)    To constitute standing committees as may be necessary for the effective discharge of its      duties. The executive committee also has power to constitute Ad-hoc Committee to deal with special matters as may from time to time arise.
(III)        The Executive Committee shall appoint the chairman of such Committee provided on single person shall hold more than two separate chairmanship posts.
(IV)    Subject to the provisions of this constitution and any other regulating rules and guidelines    hereunder made the operation of the committees shall be regulated by any such modus operandi as may otherwise be adopted by such committees.
(V)    The Executive Committee may exercise all its powers to appoint and transfer thereto, the management of the society’s affairs to a management Secretary and such other personnel as it may deem necessary for the effective conduct of the business of the society and for the purpose of running a functional secretariat under such terms and conditions as may contracted.


1.    The offices is listed on Article 5 shall be filled by and election to be conducted by a Returning Officer recommended by the out-going Executive Committee and approved by the general house.
2.    Elections into every contestable office shall be secret ballot.
3.    Every elected officer shall hold office for 3 years.
4.    An incumbent officer may seek re-election or be eligible to stand for another term provided he did not hold that particular office previously for more than two terms.
5.    Every registered financial member shall the right to vote and be voted for at any election.

1.    The society shall have constituted a governing body of not more than seven members into the Board of Trustees.
2.    The Board as constituted above shall be known as ‘’THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF THE WEST AFRICAN SOCIETY FOR PHARMACOLOGY’’
3.    Subject to the provision of ARTICLE V (3) (a) and VII (9) of this Constitution, any registered member of the society may be elected as a Trustee provided such a person elected shall contest any of the elective offices of the society during is Trusteeship.
4.    A Trustee shall hold office for life except he resigns or is removed from office for gross misconduct by at least 2/3 majority of members present at as general meeting and eligible to vote.
5.    A Trustee may however cease to hold office if:
(a)    He is so disqualified by the operation of law.
(b)    He resigns his office by notice in writing to the Executive Committee.
(c)     He cease to be a member of the society, and
(d)    A resolution removing him from office is passed at a general meeting of the society by a two-thirds majority vote of members present and voting.
6.    The Board shall apply to the Registrar of Corporate Affairs Commission for registration under Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap. 59 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990.
7.    The Board shall meet at least twist in a year and as regularly as may be directed by the Executive Committee.
8.     The Board shall its discretion appoint its own chairman and prescribe its own regulatory rules as may be expedient.
9.    Both the president and secretary of the society shall be required to attend all meetings of the Board unless as otherwise so directed by the Board. These two officers shall not exercise any voting right there at.
10.    The Secretary of the society, shall also serve as the Board’s Secretary in the absence of the president or if the Executive Committee so directs.
11.    All properties of the society; moveable or immovable shall be vested in the Board.
12.    The Board shall have powers to lease, acquire, hold and otherwise deal in trust all landed properties of the society.
13.    The Board shall have a Common Seal to be kept in the custody of the Secretary of the society which shall be produced when required for use by the Board.
14.    All documents to be executed by the Board shall be signed by the President of the society and at least on Trustee (preferably the chairman).
1.    The business of the society shall be conducted at general meetings, emergence general meetings, Executive Committee meetings and special Committee meetings.
2.    General meeting shall be held annually.
3.    The quorum for every meeting shall be one-third of its registered financial members present.
4.    Voting shall be show of hand.