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A.    The society shall have the following categories of members:


1.    Regular Members
2.    Honorary members
3.    Sustaining Members
4.    Emeritus / Retired Members
5.    Corporate Associates
6.    Affiliate Members
7.    Student Members / Fellows
8.    Life Members

1.    Regular Members
(a)    Regular members shall be persons actively engaged in the practice of pharmacology or a very closely related science in the West African Sub-region
(b)    Any qualified investigator who has conducted and published a meritorious original investigation in pharmacology shall be eligible for membership in the society.
2.    Honorary Members
(a)    Distinguished scientists of any country who are not members of the society and who have contributed to the advancement of pharmacological science shall be eligible for proposal as honorary members of the society.
(b)    Honorary members shall be persons elected into such membership upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee in recognition of any outstanding contribution to the advancement of pharmacology or a related discipline particularly within     West Africa.
(c)    Their nomination and election shall follow the rules prescribed for regular members. They shall have the privileges of members but are not subject to annual assessment.
3.    Sustaining Members
Any members of the society may contribute to the support of the society, sums in excess of the annual assessment. These members shall be recognized appropriately by the Executive Committee.