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The West African Society of Pharmacology is an organization that brings together several researchers
(Doctors, Pharmacists, Scientists) from the ECOWAS area whose focus is on medicine or therapeutics.

They will carry out enriching reflections on:

the optimal use of antihypertensive drugs and recent news on antihypertensive drugs
the optimal use of antidiabetic agents
how to prevent antibiotic resistance
the contribution of the traditional pharmacopoeia to therapeutics
the harmonization of pharmaceutical regulation in the ECOWAS area


Therapeutic Challenges in Diabetes and Methods of Anti-diabetic Drug Evaluation.
Prospects for New Antihypertensive Drugs: Possible Breakthroughs from Ethnopharmacology.
Drug Resistance Predicament in Chemotherapy
Pharmacovigilance: Adverse Drug Reactions in Children and Elderly
Personalized Therapy as a New Trend in Disease Management

The Society is more than ever a place of exchange by mixing speakers from all walks of life
and encouraging the communications of the youngest, whatever their specialty of origin.


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