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ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIPA.    The society shall have the following categories of members:   Read more


ARTICLE III: AIMS & OBJECTIVESThe purposes for which the society is established are as follows:   Read more


ARTICLE V: OFFICERS/EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE1.    OFFICERS(a)    There shall be established for the society, the following officers:i.    Presidentii.    Vice-Presidentiii.    General Secretaryiv.    Asst. General Secretaryv.    Treasurer vi.    Editorvii.    Associate Editor(b)    Only regular members... Read more


DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE OFFICERSEach officer shall exercise all functions naturally and conveniently arising from the incidental to his office in addition to performing any duty which may... Read more


THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IS FURTHER VESTED WITH POWER:-(I)    To manage and superintend the affairs of the society and act in the name on behalf of the society.(II)    To constitute standing... Read more


ARITCLE IX: FINANCE AUDIT1.    The society shall derive its funds from dues, subscriptions levies, donations, grants, gifts and loads and by any other means which the general house shall approve.2.  ... Read more


  Activities are grouped mainly in the following areas:    Education    Research    Industrial Affairs and Commercial PharmacologyNew groups are formed by the community as needed, please see the Groups   Read more

It is the science that deals with the study of drugs and its effect on biological system

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Who definition..Drug is any substance or product used or intended to be used to modify or explore the physiological state or pathological condition for the well being of the recipient

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